ABS data summaries

The ABS snapshot summaries were prepared by the Mindframe team at Everymind, using the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Causes of Death data, released September 26 2018.

Why does Mindframe conduct the summaries?

Mindframe has a long-standing relationship with the ABS and a legacy of more than two decades in compiling statistical summaries.

Mindframe infographic summaries

The infographic snapshot summaries aim to interpret the highly specific suicide figures into a visual summary for quick reference so the data is presented to the public safely and accurately.

Below are a range of infographics accompanied by, the National and State based summaries carried out by the Mindframe team.

It is important to remember that each of these numbers represent an individual life lost, a life which was valued and will be missed. Mindframe acknowledges the individuals, families, carers, colleagues and communities impacted by suicide each year in Australia.

Mindframe infographic summaries