Mindframe PHNs training

Mindframe's free PHN training aims to deliver a key evidence-based approach, under the systems approach for trial sites and the development of Regional Suicide Prevention Action Plans through the successful implementation of media guidelines.

In some instances community representatives within Primary Health Networks (PHNs) or local trial site locations are ill-prepared to manage media following a critical incident. This can lead to a lack of coordinated messaging and potentially harmful media coverage.

To ensure a coordinated and appropriate response is delivered in the event of an incident, PHNs will be supported to implement national guidelines on managing suicide clusters.

Throughout the training, PHNs will learn how to develop a local action plan for community support, following a suicide.

Mindframe has been given additional resources to provide limited support to PHNs in responding to critical media incidents, and to advise and prepare for promotion and suicide prevention activities in the media.

To find out more about Mindframe's free PHN training, get in touch with the Mindframe team on 02 4924 6900.