Since 2002, Mindframe has provided comprehensive national guidance, training and education on the safe reporting, portrayal and communication of suicide, mental ill-health, and alcohol and other drugs.

The program aims to build a collaborative relationship with the media and other sectors that influence the media.

Mindframe's integration with Primary Health Networks and trial sites

A key evidence-based approach under the systems approach for trial sites and the development of Regional Suicide Prevention Action Plans is the successful implementation of media guidelines.

Depending on training and engagement, community representatives within Primary Health Networks (PHNs) and trial site locations may be ill-prepared to manage media following a critical incident, which can lead to a lack of coordinated messaging and potentially harmful coverage.

To ensure a coordinated and appropriate response is delivered in the event of a critical incident, PHNs will be supported to implement national guidelines on managing suicide clusters and develop a local plan for community support after a suicide incident.

Mindframe provides two training options to all PHNs:

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