About us

Mindframe is a national program supporting safe media reporting, portrayal and communication about suicide, mental ill-health and alcohol and other drugs.

Mindframe is managed by Everymind and is funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Health under the National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program.

Mindframe aims to:

  • Provide leadership within the sector.
  • Build the capabilities of the sector and other stakeholders.
  • Innovate and disseminate education, resources and information.
  • Increase research to support the evidence base.

Mindframe overview

Mindframe provides national leadership and support on how to apply best practice principles for safe communication and media coverage about suicide, mental ill-health, alcohol and other drugs to the key areas below.


Mindframe is managed by Everymind, a leading national Institute dedicated to reducing mental ill-health, reducing suicide and improving wellbeing for all Australians.

Everymind has been delivering world-leading, evidence-based prevention programs for more than 25 years.

The core pillars of work Everymind focus on the promotion of mental health and wellbeing, the prevention of mental ill-health and the prevention of suicide.

For more information about Everymind and its other world-leading programs and research, visit everymind.org.au.

Life in Mind

The Life in Mind project is led by the Suicide Prevention team within Everymind.

Life in Mind is a national digital portal connecting organisations and communities to the latest information, activities, resources, programs and research in suicide prevention.

A major project Life in Mind launched in 2018, was the National Communications Charter. The Charter is a resource guiding the way we talk about mental health, mental ill-health, suicide prevention and social and emotional wellbeing with each other and the community.

The Charter was redeveloped and operationalised under the guidance of a Champions group.

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