Mindframe announces new website go-live

Everymind’s Mindframe team has today launched a website at www.mindframe.org.au.

The aim of the new website is to further highlight the support available for media reporting on suicide, mental ill-health, and alcohol and other drugs (AOD), as well as sectors working with the media including the mental health and suicide prevention sector, police, stage and screen, and courts.

After a year in development, Acting Program Manager, Everymind, Sara Bartlett said the new website has been developed with feedback from key stakeholders to ensure it is even easier to navigate and that media professionals have instant access to key Mindframe resources they require to safely report on suicide, mental ill-health and alcohol and other drugs.

Sara explains that the new website is much anticipated by the team, the sector and our key stakeholders.

“We saw a need for the website to be redeveloped, after being inundated with visitors and realising there were some improvements that we could make to ensure ease of use for our website visitors.

“It was critical to maintain our core Mindframe areas and resources, but to include some new features to encourage sharing, referrals and extended usage of the site.”

Some of the website’s other new functionality includes:

  • Key events, news and media alerts
  • Help-seeking resources, which can be downloaded and shared on social media
  • Specific industry contacts and sources
  • Easier access to the core principles of the Mindframe guidelines, including language guides specific to each topic area.

Mindframe, with the support of Hunter-based web design studio Newism, evolved the existing site to ensure user experience and navigation were a core focus and priority moving into 2019.

Sara explains: “A focus of the redesign was on improving navigation, with the new site now providing an easier way for visitors to navigate straight to the ‘Suicide’, ‘Mental ill-health’ and ‘alcohol and other drugs’ sections. We’re very pleased with how it has been developed and initial feedback has also been encouraging.”

The new website aims to improve awareness of the training provided by Mindframe, which includes training offered to media and key sectors that influence the media.

The website also highlights other Mindframe training, including Mindframe Plus training supporting Primary Health Networks.

Mindframe is a national program funded by the Australian Government under the National Suicide Prevention Program supporting safe media reporting, portrayal and communication about suicide, mental ill-health and alcohol and other drugs.

The new website includes the comprehensive evidence-based resources and information, ensuring they are easily accessible to those who need them most.

Mindframe aims to:

  • Provide leadership with in the sector
  • Build the capabilities of the sector and other stakeholders
  • Innovate and disseminate education, resources and information
  • Increase research to support evidence base.

To get in touch, please visit our contact us page or say hi via Twitter @MindframeMedia.

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Are you an Australian media professional?

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