Mindframe release two critical literature reviews: Suicide and the media

Mindframe is pleased to announce the release of two updated critical reviews of the suicide and media literature.

The reviews consider scientific studies on the association and causal relationship between suicidal behaviour and entertainment media (including film and television, music, and plays); and the news and information media (including newspapers, television, books, online and mixed media).

The reviews were conducted by suicide prevention and media experts at the University of Melbourne, including Professor Jane Pirkis, Professor Warwick Blood and colleagues. They are available to download from the Mindframe website here.

Professor Pirkis, Director of the Centre for Mental Health in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, explains: “These reports synthesise the evidence from around the world and show how influential media can be in promoting and preventing suicide.

We’re lucky in Australia, as the Mindframe training and resources ensure the majority of professionals working in news, information and entertainment media take this seriously, and recognise that the way they craft stories can have a significant impact on the way vulnerable people view suicide.”

Over two hundred studies focusing on the association between suicide in the media and actual suicidal behaviour were identified collectively between the two reviews, which constitute an update of reviews previously conducted in 2010.

Everymind, Suicide Prevention Acting Program Manager, Sara Bartlett is pleased to have the opportunity to share learnings that will help to better support and build the capacity of communication practitioners and those working in the entertainment industry when communicating about suicide.

“In a fast-paced media driven environment, it’s crucial to stay aware of the most up-to-date evidence and the impact media portrayals of suicide can have on Australian audiences. These critical reviews are a fantastic addition to the growing evidence base on communicating around suicide safely,”

Mindframe has been leading behaviour change around responsible reporting for more than two decades. Translational research into media and communication helps us to tailor the Mindframe approach and resources to better support the media, both Australia wide and internationally.” said Sara.

For more information on the critical reviews, please visit: https://mindframe.org.au/suicide/evidence-research.

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