New Mindframe guidelines to support stigma reduction following ‘Ice’ Inquiry

Mindframe welcomes release of the NSW Government recommendations of the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Drug ‘Ice’ (the Inquiry) including implementation of Mindframe guidelines (Recommendation Three).

The Inquiry investigated the nature, prevalence and impact of crystal methamphetamine (‘Ice’) and other illicit amphetamine type stimulants, the adequacy of existing measures and options to strengthen NSW’s response to these drugs.

The recommendations handed down from the Inquiry included the need to address stigma associated with illicit drug use and its impact on the community.

Specifically the Inquiry recommends the NSW Government collaborate with the Commonwealth, other state and territory governments and the Australian Press Council to strengthen the implementation of the Mindframe media guidelines.

Mindframe Project Lead, Sara Bartlett welcomes the inclusion of the Mindframe guidelines in the Inquiry’s recommendations highlighting the important role they play in reducing stigma in society.

“Australian media are highly influential and play a considerable role in shaping the views of the public, which can have a significant impact on individuals who use Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD),” Ms Bartlett said.

“Therefore the media has an opportunity to support prevention, early intervention and treatment efforts for people experiencing problems with AOD use.

“This is especially true when it comes to the discussion of crystal methamphetamine and the potential for reducing stigma around the portrayal of AOD in the media.”

Mindframe and Cracks in the Ice, a national evidence-based resource for Australian communities, recently partnered to develop new guidelines to support media to safely communicate about crystal methamphetamine to minimise harm, stigma and discrimination while maximising help-seeking behaviour.

The Crystal methamphetamine in the media: A guide to non-stigmatising and accurate reporting guidelines were provided to media to support coverage during the Inquiry process and are now available to support communications about crystal methamphetamine nationally.

Mindframe for Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) was launched in 2019, targeted at supporting media and other stakeholders to communicate safely, respectfully and responsibly about AOD, with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health. For more information visit:

Mindframe an initiative of Everymind is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health under the National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program.

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