Mindframe congratulates Ossie Awards recipients at 2019 JERAA Conference

Mindframe extends congratulations to the winning recipients of the annual Ossie Awards, Chelsea Byrne and Steven Loomes, presented at the prestigious Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) Conference in Sydney.

The Awards program recognises the best work of student journalists in Australia. Each year Mindframe presents two prizes for safe and responsible mental health and suicide prevention reporting to an undergraduate and postgraduate recipient.

Mindframe congratulates Chelsea Byrne (Swinburne University of Technology) and Steven Loomes (Western Sydney University), winners of the 2019 Ossie Awards for their safe depiction of mental illness and the promotion of mental health and wellbeing and help-seeking pathways.

Chelsea Bryne’s article, ‘Counselling call for the big C’ (published in The Standard) utilised the core principles of the Mindframe guidelines when exploring the issue of mental ill-health relating to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The author’s focus on reducing the stigma surrounding help-seeking was well supported with clear and comprehensive information from reputable sources as well as individual accounts.

Steven Loomes’ article, ‘Smashing it out for good mental health’ explored the mental health benefits of learning and playing the guitar. The well-researched feature article was a good example of upstream, positive coverage that encourages readers to proactively develop and maintain their wellbeing.

A third article, by RMIT’s Jess Burns, ‘Anita Frawley shares her final memory of her late husband Danny’ (published in The Australian) was also highly commended for its close alignment with the national guidelines for mental health and suicide reporting.

Everymind’s Suicide Prevention Program Manager, Marc Bryant said the media play an important role in promoting mental health and wellbeing, and reducing the stigma around mental illness.

"Good journalism promotes a better understanding of mental health and mental ill-health. Accurate reporting helps to reduce stigma and promotes help-seeking and self-care behaviours. We know that media and journalism are important roles that can contribute to reducing mental ill-health and suicide rates in Australia when reported on safety.” Mr Bryant said.

"On behalf of Everymind’s Mindframe team, I congratulate the award winners and commend all of the students who submitted entries. Mental ill-health and suicide are legitimate topics in the media and it is important to encourage those who make mental health and suicide prevention a focus in their work.”

To learn more information about the Ossie Awards and for the full details of the 2019 entries visit the JERAA website.

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