Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities

What is CALD?

People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds are identified as a priority population for suicide prevention in Australia.

It is important that the diversity of CALD people and communities is acknowledged. There is no single CALD community and each has distinct needs.*

When media report on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people, they need to be considerate of the unique identities and understandings of mental health and suicide within different communities.

Being aware of multicultural differences, past trauma and experiences of discrimination, allows for safe and inclusive engagement with multicultural communities.

How to support CALD people when reporting on suicide

When discussing or preparing content which references suicide and multicultural communities please consider:

  • Language. Check the language you use does not glamorise or sensationalise suicide - e.g. limit the use of the term ‘suicide’.
  • Context. Remember that no one person can speak for all cultures, people and communities. There are various organisations who work with multicultural communities who are the most appropriate spokespeople.
  • Method. Don’t be explicit about method, ensuring that method and location of suicide is not described, displayed or photographed. If essential, discuss the method and location in general terms only.
  • Naming the deceased. In many communities the depiction or mention of a person who has passed away can cause great distress, as can showing their image. Consult with community members or the family about appropriate language and visuals and place a warning on any content.
  • Help-seeking. Include contacts for support services: Include contact details for medical and support services. This provides immediate support to those who may have been distressed by your content.
  • Privacy. Check content used, shared or referenced doesn't impact or infringe on someone or a communities right to privacy.

*Culturally and linguistically diverse communities information and definition has been taken from the Life in Mind website.

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