Discussing method and location

When it comes to communication, which references suicide it is important to minimise details about method and location.

Studies indicate that content, which includes explicit or technical descriptions and images of methods or locations used for suicide, have been linked to increased rates of suicide.

The considerations below will reduce risk on vulnerable people, limit graphic information being shared, and present alternate ways to communicate about a location in a safe way.

Minimise details about method and location

Issue Options to consider

Reporting explicit detail about method has been linked to increases in use of that method and overall suicide rates.

If it is important to mention method, discuss in general terms e.g. 'mix of drugs' instead of detailing type and quantity.

Reporting uncommon or new methods of suicide can lead to imitation as well as a lasting impact on rates.

Remove specific details about new or unusual methods of suicide and reference ways further information can be found e.g. online

Describing locations of suicide may promote these to vulnerable people and increase frequency of attempts at these sites.

If referring to a location, describe this in general terms only e.g. use 'at a nearby park' instead of detailing the exact location.

Images or footage depicting method or location of a suicide can lead to imitation by vulnerable people.

Avoid using detailed or dramatic photographs or footage e.g. images of people standing at ledges or of implements used in a suicide attempt.