For Stage and Screen

The stage and screen industry contributes to safe and responsible portrayals and discussions of suicide and mental ill-health across a range of mediums.

Mindframe works to support stage and screen professionals to continue to include fresh and original portrayals of suicide and mental ill-health that are accurate and authentic.

Mindframe Stage and Screen guidelines

The Mindframe guidelines provide information on:

  • contextual information about mental ill-health and suicide
  • audience impact
  • key issues to consider when developing a storyline, which includes suicide or mental ill-health
  • common misconceptions of mental ill-health and suicide
  • facts and statistics on mental ill-health and suicide.

Read the guidelines here.

Working on a project that portrays suicide or mental ill-health?

The Mindframe team can help with development of initial concepts, put you in touch with relevant experts and review scripts and footage to ensure they won't cause harm to vulnerable audiences.

Reach out to the Mindframe team for assistance.

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