Mindframe guidelines

Mindframe For Stage and Screen guidelines help to inform safe and authentic portrayals of suicide and mental ill-health for people involved in the development of Australian film, television and theatre.

Stage and screen professionals exert a powerful influence on community attitudes towards suicide and mental ill-health.

The Mindframe guidelines provide information on:

  • contextual information about mental ill-health and suicide
  • audience impact
  • key issues to consider when developing a storyline, which includes suicide or mental ill-health
  • common misconceptions of mental ill-health and suicide
  • facts and statistics on suicide.

When developing the guidelines in 2007, Mindframe brought together Australian scriptwriters with people directly affected by mental ill-health and those working in mental health.

The guidelines were designed to enhance the development of more truthful and authentic portrayals of mental health issues rather than portrayals that perpetuate current myths and stereotypes.